Friday, August 19, 2011

new sets!! :)

aww, yeeeeh...we have made two new sets that are a little cheaper than most, can get it within a month.  there is the molly set:  a 6x6 pretty little blues, aquas, purples and sea greens.  it comes with a 13ft ribbon banner...hand made by tammy kribs.  it is $200..15 for shipping.
and then there is the new 'sawyer set'.....suuuuper sweet for little baby boys.  well, actually, it could be for boys, baby girls, seniors, etc.  it also is a 6x6 background, with a 7 ft pom pom garland that is hand made and soooo sweet.  it is $220 with 15 for shipping

im so excited about these sets...and honestly..they are so much fun to make.  a huuuuge thank you to tammy kribs for making the little garland.  she totally puts up with my messy, messy creative mind and i love her for it :) xoxoxo  have a look under the 'prop shop' to buy the garland individually, or look under the gallery page for the complete sets.  thanks so much! :)

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    Love you and miss you! Hope you've been doing well! :)