Friday, October 12, 2012

its almost halllloween!!!

this amazingly cute pic is taken by my dear friend,
jennifer nace
 on our new 'spooky spice' backdrop. 

 we offer printed backgrounds now in 2 different materials....a heavy duty matte paper and a canvas.  the drops come in small and large sizes. 

we have a bunch of new backgrounds for the holidays!!  here is the link to our facebook page album, so that you can see them.  i hope that you like them!! :)

if you havent subscribed to the blog, please do--  i am going to try to use it more and post little sales here make sure to keep your eyes out!!
a lot of our new printed backgrounds are not up on the site yet.  please contact me if you see something on facebook that you just have to have :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

new sets!! :)

aww, yeeeeh...we have made two new sets that are a little cheaper than most, can get it within a month.  there is the molly set:  a 6x6 pretty little blues, aquas, purples and sea greens.  it comes with a 13ft ribbon banner...hand made by tammy kribs.  it is $200..15 for shipping.
and then there is the new 'sawyer set'.....suuuuper sweet for little baby boys.  well, actually, it could be for boys, baby girls, seniors, etc.  it also is a 6x6 background, with a 7 ft pom pom garland that is hand made and soooo sweet.  it is $220 with 15 for shipping

im so excited about these sets...and honestly..they are so much fun to make.  a huuuuge thank you to tammy kribs for making the little garland.  she totally puts up with my messy, messy creative mind and i love her for it :) xoxoxo  have a look under the 'prop shop' to buy the garland individually, or look under the gallery page for the complete sets.  thanks so much! :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

mr and mrs myers!

holy cow..i havent blogged in waaaay too long.  what will i blame it on?  getting married.  :)  june 4th, greg and i tied the knot!! 
it was the most amazing day ever.  my colors were the dreamy colors of hydrangeas.  i wanted everything to be white except for the ribbons, flowers and chair sashes.  and it all worked out beautifully (you know how freaky i can be about colors??)  i was SOOOOO excited when the flowers arrived--they were drop dead gorgeous.
we hung vintage birdcages from big, fat satin ribbons in the trees, and made a really cool ribbon canopy with ribbon and little circle, paper garlands...sooo sweet.  and at night, we had candles hanging from just about everywhere. 
it took place at my parents house, which overlooks the mississippi river, so the setting was amazing in itself!!  molly was my beautiful little maid of honor ..and matthew was gregs best man :)  we are so blessed to have those two kids in our life.  they are amazing little souls :)
AAAAND...the biggest surprise ever happened.  my good friends, scott and kelly crosby did our photography.  i reeeeally was hoping that my other good photography friends jennifer nace, and angie kalthoff could come, but they *said* that they couldnt.....they totally tricked me, came to surprise me, and i made an awful scene at the hotel..hahahaaa...they are amazing ladies, mommies...friends.  thank you so much to kelly, scott, jen and angie for making my special day over the top.  i love you guys!!!! <3 
ok!!  on to some of the pics::::::

Saturday, May 7, 2011

the matthew stump!!

oooooOOOo how i LOVE this stump.  it is the magnificant 'matthew' stump.  it is unbelievabley realistic, sturdy, and lightweight.  i happen to think that its pretty perfect :) xoxo

we are now selling this stump, the background of course (its called 'cranberry and walnuts'-its a gorgeous background) and the new fuzzy rugs!  super soft, and a good small size of roughly 21x21 inches.  just big enough to bundle up and lay your little sugar on. :) we felt like it was a perfect, soft accessory for the stump. :)
i hope that you love it!!!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

theres a new stump prop available!

ohhhh how i love these colors!! 
its the new 'REBECCA' stump

rebecca is such a popular gal--she is one of the top sellers and can be used for boys, girls, children, maternity, family...
so it was one of the very first backgrounds that i thought about making a stump to match.  the coppery and turquoise colors are so perfect.  (can you tell that i named this bg after myself because these are my favorite colors together??) :)

people have asked if the stump is strong.  they are!!!  it is extremely sturdy.  i stand on them all of the time & greg does too.  here is the link, if you are interested in buying one--

Friday, March 18, 2011

just a thought on rainbows....

'somewhere over the rainbow'.....
i have sang this song to my 10 yr old daughter every night before bed since she was born,  but i have changed one thing in the song...
'somewhere over the rainbow,
way up high...
birds fly over the rainbow,
why, oh, why cant i?"

i cant stand that.  of course you can fly over the rainbow!!

this is how i sing it:
'somewhere over the rainbow,
way up high,
birds fly over the rainbow,
soooooo can i"

 i have never understood that beautiful, but depressing.  anyone can fly if they put their mind to it.  go for it.  attack that dream.  be who you want to be. love and be loved. :)  the world can be a beautiful place :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

jennifer :)

a new background!!!
i really am in love with this one.  i keep going back to its picture and looking at it again --lol.  the colors are like summer sorbet... fresh.  it was made for miss jennifer nace with lots of love...and it will be available as a new background, as soon as i get some sample shots on it.  i hope that you like it! xo